Self-Paced Training Tips

If at work, let people know you are taking a course. Even better go to the learning center which has a study room and you can log-on the course in privacy. Home in a quiet room is usually good too.
You should schedule plenty of time to accomplish your daily learning objectives. You should not feel rushed. It is hard to concentrate when you are worried about a meeting or finishing an activity at a certain time.
Even the best and most interesting course (instructor-led or computer-moderated) can put you to sleep from time-to-time. With web-based training you can read outloud to hear the idea, test out the idea in your mind as well as make the course more interesting.
Get organized and plan your study time. Perhaps the same time each day or every two days. Next, assess your plan to determine if it matches your availability. If not, go back and change your study plan.
You can use a word or acronym to help you remember certain steps or a list. For example: ‘WIIFM’ (like a radio station) for What’s In It For Me, or ‘Pass UnTec’ for the nine steps for preparing for an quality audit: Purpose, Authority, Scope, Standards, Understand the process, Notify, Team of auditors, Evaluate documents, Checklist.

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