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  • No Inflammatory language about subject matter or others; subject matter and others must be treated with respect.
  • Your correct name and address must be supplied to us, and your correct name must be attached to your article for publication.
  • The $100 payment in is U.S. dollars and will be paid in U.S. dollars.  The payment will not be converted into any foreign currency by QualityWBT.
  • You may reuse the material as often as you like for non-commercial purposes only. QualityWBT Center for Education will own the copyright.
  • QualityWBT can republish the article on the web or for other commercial purposes as often as it sees fit.
  • QualityWBT will always credit you (the author) for your work.
  • Acceptance of publication and award of the $100 is subject to review.
  • If your article is not accepted, it will be returned to you in its entirety.
  • Students are eligible to submit articles only if they are currently enrolled in a class with QualityWBT Center for Education or have recently completed a class with QualityWBT Center for Education (within one year of subscription end date).
  • No more than three articles may be submitted by any one author within a one-year timeframe.

We will be posting approved articles in the JP Russell Library.

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